Job Hunting? The recruiters are on Facebook and Linkedin

August 10, 2012

Enlightening article about how recruiting practices continue to migrate towards Facebook and Linkedin. If you aren’t looking at options outside job boards, here are some fun facts that might have you thinking twice:

Facebook hires account for less than 1% of the total hires companies are making, according to Jobs2Web, but could rival job boards in 2012 if trends hold

LinkedIn’s revenue from its hiring solutions segment—which among other things helps recruiters search through their profile database for candidates—grew 170%

Beknown, which hosts a job board and other recruiter services, launched its own Facebook app in June and now has nearly 800,000 monthly users

Candidates have been 50% more likely to apply to positions they found through Facebook than through other means, said Mr. Staney [from VMware, Inc. “[Job boards] just blast it out. This is much more efficient and targeted.”

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