Matt Casey

The fact is that most people do have many more options than they think.

A tried and true process that I call the Career Balance Sheet™ reveals those options for my clients.

Like a business balance sheet, the Career Balance Sheet shows where you are today and provides guidance to get you where you want to be tomorrow.

It’s the optimal mix of time and effort that both you and I need to invest in order for you to get the maximum benefit from the rest your career.

This a comprehensive effort, and it can be challenging. But for people who are committed to securing fulfilling work, the rewards are high.

My major interest is in helping people like you find fulfilling work and careers, just as I have myself. Although it all starts with the Career Balance Sheet, every client has different needs, desires and goals, and we’ll work together to create the best individual program for you.

Here’s what your Career Balance Sheet involves:

  • Career & Personality Assessment that quickly and reliably identifies your critical strengths, skills, values, interests, etc., through a personalized combination of proven assessment tools.
  • Current Situation Profile that categorizes both the good and the challenging parts of your current situation in terms of you, your role, and your current work environment. It uncovers or articulates essential considerations as you move forward.
  • Career Fundamentals Assessment of ten key aspects that are essential for thorough career discovery:
    • Skills
    • Attributes
    • Strengths
    • Motivators
    • Interests
    • Values
    • Needs
    • Goals
    • Styles of Learning and Communication
    • Challenges/Concerns/Fears
  • Career and Personal Preferences segmented, prioritized and valued by high, medium and low importance. For example, do your values take priority over the application of your skills? If so, what are your top five values?
  • Ideal Job Fit and Preference Profile of your overall preferred work situation based on the foregoing discovery steps.

Optional Follow-On Coaching Services

With or without my further help, the work we put into developing your Career Balance Sheet prepares you very well to Identify and Select the Job Options that you want to pursue. Often, this includes options you may not have known about or considered before.

I can then work with you to create an Effective Job Search Strategy, which can also include Personal Branding and Online Profile Development for your Personal Career Toolkit.

Landing the position you want obviously involves interviews and job/salary negotiations. With Job Transition Planning and Management, we can work together to help you put your best foot forward to secure the work, the environment and the balance that you’ve realized are important to you. Once you land a new position, I can continue to provide on-boarding support and advice.