Career Transitions: Five BEs to Maximize Your Next Move

August 10, 2012

50% of the people reading this post are unhappy with their careers and thinking about an exit strategy.

That staggering statistic is from the What’s Working TM Survey released by Mercer three weeks ago. According to the press release, “Nearly one in three (32%) US workers is seriously considering leaving his or her organization at the present time, up sharply from 23% in 2005. Meanwhile, another 21% are not looking to leave but view their employers unfavorably and have rock-bottom scores on key measures of engagement, a term that describes a combination of an employee’s loyalty, commitment and motivation.”

No one wants to be unhappy in their jobs but here we are. The good news is that 50% of people enjoy what they do and are satisfied with their employers. So if you have diagnosed yourself as unsatisfied, what should you do?
As a career coach, I have helped professionals and students prepare for their next career steps; here are five individual qualities I have identified as critical to any successful transition.

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