“I just wanted to let you know that I got a call Monday for an interview for that internship! The interview went really well and I am currently on my way there now to shadow them for a couple of hours! During the interview she kept saying how impressive my résumé was/looked and I just wanted to say thanks again for all the help.” New Marketing Intern, Professional Hockey Team
“The most important thing to know about Matt is that he’s truly inspired by his work—it’s not just a job for him. Helping others think smartly, deeply and strategically about their careers is his calling. Matt is personable, positive and very easy to work with. He takes the time to first learn what it is you need help with, then lays out a plan to get you to your desired outcomes. He pushes you to consider the answers to questions you might not have ever asked yourself—questions that are critical to explore to find your path to life and career happiness.” Senior Brand Strategist, Global Brand Strategy Company
“I met Matt about a year ago and within a few minutes into our conversation, I knew Matt was special. We quickly discovered shared philosophies and passions around building and achieving personal and corporate excellence. Matt revealed how important it was to stretch vision, mission and purpose in order to push beyond one?s perceived notion of creativity. For me this was the spark I needed to reignite my dormant work self. The best part of all was Matt?s innate knowingness of how to balance the creative, entrepreneur persona with pragmatism and business needs. For all these reasons, Matt brings a great skill set to the world of coaching. He gets people to dig deep, invent or reinvent goals and not to let up on self drive or purpose. There are endless resources available for coaching but my advice to anyone that is in the life coach search mode, work with Matt. Save yourself the time of searching for the needle in the haystack.” Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Mortgage Industry
“I first met Matt two years ago when he was working in Strategic Marketing at Genzyme Genetics. I was referred to him by one of my MBA students at the time, who mentioned how helpful Matt had been in mentoring him during his internship. I met with Matt and was greatly impressed by his enthusiasm and willingness to work with and mentor BU students. I began inviting him to attend networking and career panels where his advice and insight always added value. During the time I’ve known him, I’ve been so impressed by his willingness to always make time for students in their job searches. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and passionate about coaching others—this is definitely what he was meant to do with his life! For anyone who is transitioning careers or in job search mode, I highly recommend Matt Casey.” May 4, 2010” Senior Corporate Recruiter, BU School of Management
“I am so happy and so enjoying everything; I don’t feel like I am at a “job” or that its “work”. I’m learning and evolving and enjoying every minute of it.” Regulatory Affairs Professional, Pharmaceuticals
“It feels really great having your assistance in developing my brand to reinvent myself to enter the job search again. It is like just graduating college, except this time I feel more bold and adventurous to try avenues I haven’t even thought of.” Senior Business Leader and Advisor
“The process so far has been absolutely a life changer and cannot thank you enough for your time and efforts. I am looking forward to working with you as we begin the next phase.” Mid-Career Professional in Transition
“Thank you. I have a renewed sense that there is hope for my career transition again!” Business Manager, Corporate Retail
“Matt, thanks again for the talk at the BioBusiness Career Studio a couple of weeks ago. It was nice listening to somebody from “the outside” actually tell us what’s going on.” Graduate Student, Health Sector Management
“The new company has high hopes for me and believes that I can be a successful career woman and Mom, and I could not be happier. Thanks for your time and support!” Marketing Manager, Special Products Store
“I’m really excited about starting this journey, and I’m positive you will be the key in helping me achieve my goals!” Ph.D Scientist
“Thanks again! I do think I interviewed better with your coaching, so I’m appreciative of your willingness to jump right in and work with me.” Director of Business Development
“I wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for your time. Your insight into the [interview] process and where I should try to focus my efforts was invaluable. I’d love to continue the relationship.” MBA Student, Boston University School of Management
“He’s one of my mentors and he’s got a lot of great insight on success and an overall great person to talk to” Consultant, CRM Solutions
“I thought our meeting yesterday was fantastic and I learned some great resume and interview tips.” Urban Planning Professional
“I just wanted to email and say thanks again so much for your time last week. I had my interview and they asked me all case and technical questions. If I hadn’t met with you, I would’ve been woefully unprepared.” MBA Student
“The edits you made are brilliant. Thanks again. Once I land a good position I’m taking you out for beers.” Recent Finance graduate
“You’ve been reliably helpful.” Scientist and Post-Doctoral Fellow, Leading Cancer Research Center
“This week was so much better at work because I really took what you said to heart and balanced my work and life.” Environmental Risk Analyst, Banking
“I feel very inspired.” Teaching Fellow, Harvard University